December 5, 2013

Maylee's Monthly Photo || Three Months

Dear Maylee,

You turned three months old a week ago. You are getting so big, anak! You now weigh thirteen pounds. Oh my goodness! I am loving those chubby cheeks and chunky legs and their creases. I just wanna squeeze them. Eek! So much happened this month. Your first doctors appointment was on Halloween. Daddy got you a Navy outfit for your first Veteran's Day. Your grandma(my mother) came down from San Francisco to meet you for the first time. She made you an orange pillow with you name on it and a few headbands. She couldn't stop taking pictures of you, and it seemed like you didn't mind the attention. You like posing for that camera. Grandma adores you so much. I am glad. We took you to Claire's and got your ears pierced when your grandma was here so she can have a special memory with you. Daddy thinks you can read his mind. He was telling me yesterday how he would think of telling you to do something and a few seconds later you do it hehe. You are getting so good at going to sleep on your own that we stopped swaddling you. I am going to let you start sleeping in your own crib soon because you are getting so big that you barely fit in your bassinet. You keep wiggling around and it shakes the bassinet like crazy. I have been putting it off because I am scared of letting you sleep in your room alone at night. We put you in size 2 diapers like two weeks ago because your poop kept staining your pajamas. Your dad pointed out that you have been getting some blowouts because the 0-3 month clothes are too tight on you. So starting tomorrow you will be wearing 3-6 month clothing. I noticed today that the texture of the hair by your forehead is changing a little. I think you are not going to have straight hair but it's hard to tell. I guess we will see here in a few months. I love that you are getting super vocal, giggling, squealing, making random noises all the time. You never fail to make me smile. Hearing you laugh and seeing you smile make any of my troubles disappear. You are our little bundle of joy. Our sunshine ♥

I have decided to photograph Maylee monthly to record her growth for her first year. I plan on taking these pictures with her wearing a numbered white onesie corresponding to her age in months. 

I am worried of letting Maylee sleep in her nursery because we don't want her to sleep alone. As first time parents, we are super scared that something bad will happen while we are sleeping in the other room. We haven't decided what baby monitor to use. Any suggestions?

You can see Maylee's previous months photos here: one | two

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