September 29, 2013

Maylee's Monthly Photo || One Month

 Dear Maylee,

I can't believe a month has already gone by! Within a month, you have gained 1 pound, 13 ounces. You are now 8 pounds. Daddy's girl is growing quick <3 Your smooth, soft skin is so addicting. I can kiss you all day. I can't wait for you to be able to kiss back. When you were born everyone said you look exactly like your daddy. I thought so too. I still do. You have your daddy's nose and lips. You have the longest eyelashes. You have some adorable dimples. I can stare at your beautiful face all day long. I can't wait to see your facial features change in the upcoming months. You started making some really cute things. For example, we know when you go to the bathroom because you look around with eyes wide open, while making the "uh-oh" face. You absolutely hate having a poopie or wet diaper. When you can't handle your dirty diaper anymore you would cry to tell us to change you. When you cry, you sometimes have tears in your eyes, which makes me so sad :( You started smiling at Week 1. We(Mom&Dad) find it so cute when you smile in your sleep. I like to think you're smiling because you are dreaming of angels. You sleep in the bassinet next to our bed at night, but sometimes I let you sleep in your crib during the day. You are becoming more and more aware of the world around you. You look around even when I am feeding you. I often wonder what you're thinking whenever I catch you staring at something. I still giggle inside whenever I refer to you as my daughter. I guess time does fly by. It seems it was only yesterday when you came into this world. I still can't believe that you are mine. I love you!


I have decided to photograph Maylee monthly to record her growth for her first year. I plan on taking these pictures with her wearing a numbered white onesie corresponding to her age in months.

To celebrate Maylee's first month, we had some lasagna and chinese food. My friend Rachael brought some homemade mini pumpkin cheesecake.
mini pumpkin cheesecake
I love my family <3

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