December 9, 2013


Hello friends!

I have something really exciting I want to share with y'all today!

I know some of us get pretty busy during the weekend. Sometimes, it gets too hectic that you just don't have time to post on your blog and you're afraid that you will lose followers for not blogging constantly. Well, I have just the solution for that!

Starting next month I will be posting a link up named "Weekend Highlights".  I am creating this link up for those of you who are a busy woman like me, and just want to take some time off blogging to spend time with your family and friends, and God, during the weekend. Still blog on weekends but want to blog about your weekend happenings and meet some new friends? This is for you too!

Blog about anything that happened over the weekend. Blog about what you wore, who you hung out with, where you went, what you learned, what you bought, what you did, etc. We wanna hear all about it! You can link up with me as long as you tell us about your weekend. Got pictures? Even better!

Weekend Highlights will be a place for us to share our weekends and catch up on other people's weekends. So join me next year--gosh that sounds so far away--starting on the Monday, January 6th at 12 AM PST, and every week after that, to find new blogs and make some friends! :)

Instead of being terrified of losing followers because you took some time off for yourself, why not turn it to something positive? Spend some quality time with your loved ones, and do the things you love over the weekend! Then post about what you did and link up with me here on Weekend Highlights!

By linking up with me for Weekend Highlights, you will actually gain more followers! It's a win-win situation. Quality time with your family, and yourself. Come back to blogland all refreshed and ready to blog about your weekend happenings. and make more friends! What more can you ask for?

I created this link up because I want to intentionally set time aside for what matters most to me, family and God. This way I am able to spend more quality time with my family, and strengthen my bond with God.


 ≡1≡ Yesterday's church service was amazing! Pastor Miles made a really good point. He pointed out how sometimes people forget what Christmas is all about. People get so caught up on all the material things that they miss the true meaning of the season. Christmas is a time to reflect on Jesus Christ. Though they are awesome traditions, it's not about all the presents, mistletoe, decorations, or Santa Claus. It's about celebrating the birth of Jesus. our Savior. So remember as you celebrate, don't forget what it's all about!

Isaiah 9:6-7

≡2≡ We went to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ for Sunday's dinner and I met some new friends. It was delicious! ♥ Korean BBQ.

≡3≡ Who got the best Christmas gift ever? I did. Yup. My husband brought home this gorgeous dining room set from a friend because they are down-sizing. Man, I'm so lucky. Who gets a table like this for free? Me. Oh, and it came with a hutch. I didn't get to take a picture of that. I can't wait to use it when we get a new place. We gave our old not so old dining room set away to a friend and he's really happy with it.

The table can get even longer. We didn't put the second leaf/extension.
≡4≡ Baby shower for baby boy Mielvin. We definitely took more pictures but they're all in my friend Michelle's camera but she haven't uploaded them yet. Will post once she uploads them hehehe

≡5≡ My Cowboys are playing the Bears tonight. Go Cowboys! I'm kinda bummed I am going to miss the game because I have class tonight :(

≡6≡ Last but definitely not the least, I am so pleased with how many of you responded to my last post. Thank you for all the comments. Love you guys!

Since you guys liked the pictures of my daughter last post, here are a few more :)

What did you do this weekend?

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