October 29, 2013

Maylee's Monthly Photo || Two Months

Dear Maylee,

You turned two months today, but it sure feels like only a few days has gone by. That's how it's going to be, though, I know. The first two months has gone by so quick, and the next ones will be no different. It has been incredible witnessing your transformation from a newborn into a baby. I can tell you have gained more weight whenever I carry you(weighing 10 pounds, 8 ounces). Your facial feature has definitely gone through some changes. For example, your eyebrows came in and your cheeks are getting a little chubby. You started wearing size 0-3 clothing in the middle of the month, and, soon after, jumped up to size 1 diapers. You are starting to discover how to move your limbs--pushing up with your legs, and grabbing on to things. You have also been exercising other bodily functions, too--projectile-style spit up. Daddy and I love it when you push off our chest whenever we are holding you while we are sitting on the couch. Your neck is getting stronger and stronger, lifting your head every chance you get. You have been more attentive, always curious with your surrounding, always looking around to things. We also love it when you smile and coo whenever we talk to you. It almost seems like you are saying something back, like you understand us. You love it when Daddy sings to you. You move your arms and legs like you are dancing. Your Daddy and I are so relieved that you have started to sleep about 6 hours every night, and we are enjoying the extra sleep. Although, I get really worried about it, especially during the few times you slept longer than 6 hours. I worry that you should be waking up and feeding, but your Daddy assures me that you will cry and wake us up if you are hungry. My favorite thing in the world is when you sigh after I feed you, or whenever we pick you up if you are fussy. It's almost like you're saying "Thanks Mommy! My tummy feels so much better now." It makes me feel like you are contented, and all better. Even though I am exhausted from feeding and changing your diapers in the middle of the night, I wouldn't trade even one second of it for the world. I know that this moment will not last forever, soon you will be running around the house, and will be talking nonstop. I am so glad I decided to take monthly pictures of you and blog about it. I know I will thank myself for taking the time to remember this tiny details of you because I cannot just turn back time in the future. I am so excited what new things you will be doing next month. Keep on growing, and smiling, my sweet baby girl, and know that I love you!
I have decided to photograph Maylee monthly to record her growth for her first year. I plan on taking these pictures with her wearing a numbered white onesie corresponding to her age in months.

Here are more pictures of Maylee on her two month birthday:

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