Hello there! I'm Jasam. I'm a free-spirited kind of gal whose goals in life is to be happy and be loved. One of my biggest passion is traveling the world. I'm in love with life itself, and I enjoy taking tons of pictures to capture it. I like the smell of earth, the touch of waves, the coldness of snow, and the sound of laughter. I enjoy painting, drawing, and making crafty things. I love arts&crafts, and all that is DIY. I am obsessed with pinning things on Pinterest. At the moment I am into polka dots, pastel colors and reading. I am collecting things like brooches, barrets, and owl-things. I am a sucker for Oreo shakes and chocolate. yummm! I'm a veteran, a military wife to an amazing, handsome man, and a mother to a precious, milk-loving, little baby girl. We currently reside in the beautiful city of San Diego.
My family <3
Sunny San Diego
Tobleron. One of my old time favorites <3
Ferrero. Always delicious!
My something blue
Our wedding rings :)