December 4, 2013

Hello December

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this time of the year. Christmas time! Aside all the gift giving, I also love the colder weather and Christmas carols. "Colder" because it doesn't really snow down here in San Diego, CA. If I do want to see some snow, I go up to Big Bear, CA to snowboard.

No snowboarding this year for this gal--boo!--but I do have a lot of things in mind! Since I really enjoyed last month's The Thankful Project, I thought that I'd focus on the moment and enjoying this time of the year. This month you will be seeing a lot of Christmas-y stuff around here, i.e. ornaments, crafts, winter clothes, movies, etc.

These are the things going on this month:

1. I am doing the Merry Mail Ornament Exchange with Kenzie from Chasing Happy. I am trading ornaments with two other gals. Jennifer lives in WA. Joni lives in TX. The ornaments are done but I don't want to ruin the surprise so I am not going to post pictures up til mid December.

2. I'm making some felt ornaments so check back for some pictures of those babies!

3. My friends Rachael and Michelle are hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party so I am joining them on that. I've never heard of this kind of party before so it should be exciting to see a bunch of ugly sweaters and laugh with my friends :)

4. Christmasifying the house. (I know it's not a word but that's what I refer to decorating the house with a bunch of Christmas things.) I already started but I'll show you some pictures on a different post later on.

5. Shopping, shopping, shopping for Christmas presents! I am gonna shop til I drop. Who can't go shopping all day anyway?

6. My little family is traveling to the east coast for Christmas. It's our first time flying as a family of three! It's Maylee's first Christmas so I am going to dress her up with some cute Christmas clothing. I am so excited for this trip. We're gonna be spending some time with family and maybe we'll see some snow after all :)

 7. December documentation. I'm inspired by December Daily™. Since I am a little behind, I am doing my own version of the project. I don't want to be over my head this year so I am just going to take pictures of holiday type things and document them. Because I am pretty busy with school and being a mommy, I am not doing the whole "daily" thing so I don't feel like it's a chore--I just want to enjoy the moment. I am going to document holiday memories and showing them to you guys publicly. I plan on doing this to record all of the magical memories of my family this December.  I think documenting all the joyful moments of the season will help me capture them.

8. My birthday is this month! (December 23) I am going to celebrate my birthday in VA this year. Yay to winter weather!

Yup, so don't come complaining that I didn't give you guys a heads up. Tons and tons of holiday posts to follow!

Check out our Christmas tree. I made that Cupcake Ornament last year :)

celebrated my birthday last year at Melting Pot. yum!

What are you doing to celebrate or capture the Holidays this year?

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