January 7, 2014

Maylee's Monthly Photo || Four Months

Dear Maylee,

I can't believe you are already four months! According to the doctor, you now weigh 14 pounds, 11.5 ounces, and you are 25 inches long. You are more than double your birth weight! Daddy loves to make you laugh. He would do random, silly things to make you giggle. I think your favorite is when he winks at you. That usually does the trick. Your laughter is so adorable!

You are becoming more dexterous and doing more with your hands. You started to grab just about anything within reach, including my hair and my earrings, so now I try to wear my hair up, and avoid wearing dangling earrings. You also grab your stuffed animals and your blanket. You have been pulling your blanket close to your face and sometimes even putting it in your mouth. Whatever you pick up usually end up in your mouth. But more than anything, you keep putting your hands in your mouth when you are hungry. You don't suck on your thumbs and you don't take pacifiers either. You are really discovering your hands. Sometimes I find you holding them up and just looking at them, then holding them together.

We have been doing more tummy time and it's making your neck a lot stronger. You can sit up with support and can hold your head up perfectly fine. I lay down a blanket prior to putting you on the floor. You scoot around now, and rotate around the center of the blanket. The most you've rotated so far is 180 degrees.

We spent the holidays at your grandma and grandpa's house. Your grandpa got you a Christmas tree! Everyone was so thrilled to see you for the first time, especially your Auntie Samantha.

I have discovered one day that you started to amuse yourself. I woke up and noticed that you have been awake, just playing with your hands and feet. I let you entertain yourself for a little bit. This made me so happy, but at the same time, it made me realize that my baby is getting bigger! You no longer need my constant attention every waking moment. Aww, you will always be my baby no matter how big you get ♥


I have decided to photograph Maylee monthly to record her growth for her first year. I plan on taking these pictures with her wearing a numbered white onesie corresponding to her age in months.

You can see Maylee's previous months photos here: one | two | three

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