October 23, 2013

End of October Excitement

Oh man, check me out! One second I was struggling to blog, next thing you know, I'm writing my second post of the day. This almost never happens!

October is coming to an end and I have so many things to be excited over.

1. I go back to school on the 29th. Although I am going to be spending some time away from my baby girl, I am really looking forward to continuing my studies because that means I am one step closer to getting my degree.

2. Maylee is turning two months! Eek! I can tell that she has gained some weight whenever I carry her. She has two doctors appointment coming up and I can't wait to find out how heavy she is now. She's getting some immunization shots. I know she's going to cry. Not looking forward to that :(

3. I am also excited to do a challenge brought to us by Kenzie of Chasing Happy. Come November 1st I am joining her, among other bloggers, to do The Thankful Project throughout the month of November.. Check it out!

The project is such a brilliant idea! Nowadays it seems the value of Thanksgiving has changed. Thanksgiving has become about food. People hardly give thanks. I have been so blessed this year and the past year that I have so many things to be thankful for. I can't wait to express my gratitude during the 28 days of this challenge!

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