October 23, 2013

In a Pickle

I'm in a bit of a pickle, if you will. Last night, I tried making a facebook for Just Sam, but the name was already taken :( So started this quest for a new blog name. When I named this blog Just Sam, I secretly new the name was temporary, you know, until something better comes along. But that better name never came along and "Just Sam" started to sound better and better each day. However, last night happened, leading me to search for a new, and hopefully, more permanent name.

At first I thought of "Full Throttle" but it immediately reminded me of The Charlie's Angels. Then the name Formula J (Formula Jasam) came to mind this morning. I brought it up to my cousin Karen and we had a discussion about it.

Me: How about "Formula J" or "Formula Jasam"?
Karen: Are you going to race cars and post them on your site? What's your site going to be about?
Me: I was thinking about "life at full throttle". It's for my personal blog, just you know, anything and everything about me.
Karen: Oh, does life go fast?
Me: Yes, it seems so. One minute I'm pregnant then the next thing Maylee is 2 months old, just like how 2013 is almost over. It's crazy
Karen: Yeah true.
Me: but more than anything i want my site to be a constant search for bliss, to staying happy...
Karen: Don't think of it too much. You'll realize a name when you're not trying.

I suppose she is right. There's no rush. It just feels so difficult sometimes, especially when I know the direction I want to head, but a simple problem, like coming up with a blog name, is getting in the way of that.

I thought of the name Formula Jasam because even though life is at full speed, I'm taking the time to write about the little details in my life, about being a mom, and a wife. I'm writing about the people I love, and the things I like to do. And honestly, that is what's really important.

Sometimes it's so nice to have someone else remind you that your goals can become reality. To me, this someone is Kristina of My Quest for Bliss. She pointed out on her post that there are three areas (environment, skillset, and mindset) in your life that you can work on to reach goals.

Coming up with a new blog name is kind of nerve-racking, especially when a lot of the good ones are taken. It felt like everyone is already doing what I had in mind doing. But rest assure that if you have the right mindset when doing things, and you genuinely apply yourself, then your inner self will shine through. You will see that you are different from others, that you are unique because you put your own twist on things.
When you have so many ideas in your head, and things start to get all jumbled up inside, or if you're feeling lost in whatever it is you are doing, sometimes you just gotta step back in the present moment. Stay positive., keep doing what you love to do and the rest will follow.

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