October 30, 2013

Make The World A Better Place

Something inspiring happened to me! As you guys know, I went back to school yesterday. I talked about it here. Well, I went to Costco to get myself one of their chicken bake. One of the salesmen handed me the chicken bake, and another salesman was suppose to ring me up. Since my professor just gave us a 30 minute break, I started eating the chicken bake before I paid for it, thinking that hey, i got money in my card, no worries! But it turns out they don't take cards as payment--they only take cash. I didn't have cash with me so I asked if there is an ATM nearby. As I was getting ready to walk to the ATM, the lady paying her food right next to me paid for my food.

It's amazing how just one act of kindness performed by a stranger can turn the tide of another person's life. Especially nowadays, it seems like the media only has bad news to tell. So many bad things are going on around us that we fail to see the good things in life. The world is full of good, kind people, if you just let them in. A random act of kindness can restore faith to human kindness.

A stranger did a good deed for me. I plan on doing something good for someone else. I truly can't wait to "pay it forward" to keep the cycle going by doing a random good deed. This is to more laughter, brighter smiles, and healthier souls. It all starts with one person. One good deed can make the world a better place.

Join me in this revolutionary thing, and make the world a better place. It's not difficult to do a good deed. Buy someone coffee. Give up your seat. Open the door for someone else. Just look around; you'll think of something.

Have you seen one, done one, or had one done for you? I'd love to hear about it :)

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