November 8, 2013

The Thankful Project Day 8: Words

I'm linking up with Kenzie at Chasing Happy for The Thankful Project. It's Day 8 and today's prompt is "words."

Words are very powerful. They can hurt you. They can heal you. They can lift you, or crush you. I am thankful for words because with them I can express myself. The following are some of my favorite words and why I am thankful for them:

I love you - I am thankful for these words because with them I can express my feelings. I can tell the people that I love how much they really mean to me.

I forgive you - It takes a lot to forgive someone who hurt you, or disappointed you. When people hurt us, often times we want to hurt them back. Forgiving is usually the last thing on our minds. We feel as though the person who caused the pain does not deserve to be forgiven because they are not sorry enough. What we fail to understand is that FORGIVING is not really about the person who hurt us. It's for US. Forgiving someone that has hurt you does not set THEM free, but sets YOU free to live, love, and be happy again. It really has nothing to do with the person. The truth about the act of forgiveness lies in setting ourselves free from holding onto the pain. Forgiving someone doesn't mean that what they did to you is okay. It simply means that you are choosing to release yourself from the negativity that surrounds the situation. You are not letting what they did ruin your happiness.

Thank you - I like these two words because not only are you thankful for something, but you are letting someone know that you are grateful for them, or for something that they did.

Please - I really like this word because I feel like it allows people to be humble by showing that they have manners. It shows that you are giving respect to somebody.

I am sorry - We, humans, tend to be arrogant, too proud, so much that we don't pay attention around us and when we hurt someone we hardly blink an eye. When we express regret, and we apologize for the wrong things we have done, it shows that we are humbling ourselves, and taking responsibility of our wrong-doings.

Are there words that mean something to you? What words are you thankful for?

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