November 6, 2013


LOVING: Maylee sleeping. She looks so peaceful, and sometimes I think she's having the most awesome dreams because she smiles in her sleep. I swear, I can stare at her all day long. I am also admiring these clay brooches my friend created for me(more details later on a different post). Terry got a new job. He's still in the military but he has a different office now. I love it because he gets to come home a lot sooner now! <3

WANTING: These rompers from Lulu*s and Forever 21.They are so gorgeous! I'd gladly wear any of those. But I'm thinking since it is getting colder, I should probably get the longer ones. Wouldn't wanna be freezing my butt off now! haha

READING: 24 Clear Signs You're a Mom, 13 Reasons I'm the Worst Person to Start a Lifestyle Blog, and I still have a long way to go to finish the book Ender's Game. I really am sucking. I said I was going to read that book but I've been stuck in Chapter one for weeks now. I really need to get my acts straight, and just do it.

DOING: I'm watching the DIY Channel(my go-to channel! And yes, this is the reason why I haven't been reading. I'm getting too distracted watching television) and waiting for Terry and my mother to get home. He is picking her up from the airport. The last time I have seen her was on our wedding day. I cannot believe it has been about fifteen months. That's way too long!

On that note, loves, I am going to take a shower! Good night!

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