October 27, 2013

When You're Happy, I'm Happy

Good evening! It's Sunday night. I hope your weekend went well. I wanna share with you all what my family did today and what outfit I wore.

We volunteered with the VFW(Veterans Foreign Wars) to distribute some snacks, socks, and sandwiches for the homeless. Honestly, the reason why I went with Terry to this volunteer was because I wanted to spend time with him. Last week was so rough. He was working a lot, and came home late pretty much everyday, except Friday when he came home at 6PM.

When we got to the establishment, everyone was already there preparing the gift bags for the homeless. We were greeted with happy faces that made me feel really welcome. The ladies were admiring Maylee and her outfit. Check out her outfit in the following pictures. Super cute. The socks and headband were gifts from our aunt and uncle in VA.

You know, although, I wasn't so thrilled to come and volunteer today, I was so glad that I did. It made me feel really good inside, not only because I got to socialize with new people, but mainly because the volunteer is for an amazing cause. It's so nice to be able to help out other people who are experiencing unfortunate circumstances. It made me feel so good inside knowing that the small time I take out of my day and the effort I put in can make such a difference in somebody else's life, and make them happy. This is not the first time Terry and I volunteered to feed the homeless, but it sure does give me the satisfaction every single time we help out. It's such an amazing feeling to know that other people are happy because of what I did. In a way, it makes me happy, too.

This is the outfit I wore today:
Purple top, black leggings, gray leather boots, coach bag. Check out my favorite owl necklace :)
Love owls!
Maylee's outfit
The picture on the right is a picture of some of the gifts we put together for the homeless.

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