October 6, 2013


We were supposed to go to church today but we were super late. We got ready, drove to church, and parked, only to look at the clock and realize how late we were so we decided to drive back home. Being late for church this morning AND missing it really bothered me. I feel like I have failed God. Being a little late is somewhat okay, because people wait around for the band to come to the stage to start playing anyway, but what really got me was that we didn't even step foot in the church to listen to the pastor preach because the doors were already closed.

It's not just today either. I hate how we have been late for other things, like when meeting friends. I have been noticing that people are seldom late. What is it with the society nowadays? It's ironic because I was poking fun of some people I know. I was saying how they are so predictable. You know how late they are going to show up. I'm pretty good about meeting my friends, but today I was the one late for something. I really would like to get even better. Arriving late is like saying that your own time is more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you. I really don't want to be that person who everyone expects to be late because you're always late to every function. Being on time is something Terry and I, as a couple, have to really work on. Today, we agreed to try and get better. Wish us luck. I know it's going to be difficult, and it's going to take a few attempts, but I know we can get better if we continue to try and not give up :)

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