October 5, 2013


Winding down after a very looong day. First of all, I didn't get a lot of rest last night, then I woke up really early to give Maylee a bath. We went to two events--the Robotics Education Expo, and FilAm festival. We also stopped by my aunt's house, then we had dinner at TJ Oyster Bar. I feel so exhausted, so, forgive me, I'm gonna have to edit this post tomorrow to tell you all the details. I have so many pictures about today that I would like to share too, so don't forget to check!


The  reason why we had to get ready so early was because I wanted to go with Terry to a Robotics Education Expo at Balboa Park. They held the event in the Hall of the Champions building. When we arrived, the parking lot was still fairly empty. That's because Terry had to get there early. He was one of the Navy volunteers who helped set up for the event. It did not take very long, though, before everyone else arrived. There were buses, and firetrucks, even the news van was there. There were kids running all over the place. At the entrance of the building stood Russell the electric giraffe to greet visitors. He was beautiful. I took a picture with him. Check it out. Someone demonstrated how the da Vinci surgical robot is used. R2D2 was there. There were other robots in the event, including the one that was doing the Matrix move. I have a video of him. Check that one out too! Robots of all shapes, sizes, and functions were on display from different student clubs, and organizations. Children, and adults, were thrilled to learn about robotic education, and to interact with all the robots.

After the Robo Expo, we went to the Filipino American festival. We grabbed some Filipino food, and some chamangos smoothies. There were some performers who sang, danced, and told some jokes. There were also a lot of vendors, so we walked around and took a look at some of the stands. I was tempted to buy some stuff, but I managed to avoid spending some money. I thought I did really well, as Terry and I are really trying to implement a budget. Yay me! We did not stay very long though because it was too hot!

I don't know about you, but I like to people watch. During this people-watching I happen to notice that a lot of the people in the FilAm festival are what I would consider now as 'kids'. They're probably in 6th grade-high school. I was telling Terry how it's crazy to think that we are now one of those 'grown ups'. There we were at the festival, pushing the stroller with Maylee in it, and buying food as a family. A few of the ladies at the festival took a peek in the stroller to look at my baby, giggling, and making some cute noises, complimenting us of how cute Maylee is. It feels like it was only yesterday when I was in high school, hanging out with friends after class. Now, I have a baby girl, and a husband. Who would have thought in high school that I would be where I am now today. I am glad that I have a blog, and that I am taking the time to blog now because time does fly, and the last thing I want is not to have any sort of memories. I guess you can say I am sentimental.

Since my aunt doesn't live too far from the festival, we decided to stop by. It's been awhile since we last saw my nephew Brandon. He turned 9 months today. He can now hold his own milk bottle, and stand with minimum help. He has to be holding on to something to help him stabilize. Gosh, he's grown so big so quick! I can't wait til Maylee gets bigger and I can play with her :)

These are the pictures and video from the Robo Expo:
Russell has 32 teeth like us humans. He also has sensors that tells him when he's being pet.
Maylee and I with Russell the Electric Giraffe
Us with R2D2

Pictures from the FilAm festival:
I wanted to buy some of these onesies, but they didn't have any sizes smaller than 6 months.
Brandon and Maylee:
Brandon kept wanting to touch Maylee's head
My aunt and Terry coming to the rescue to stop Brandon! haha
There goes Brandon again!
Maylee's face is priceless. "I know what you're doing."

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