September 16, 2013

Time with Mom

My mother-in-law visited us for about two weeks. We picked her up from the airport on September 2nd and she is flying back home to Virginia tonight. If I really think about it this is my first time spending a one-on-one time with her. When Terry and I were still just going out he brought me to his parents' house multiple times. I've chatted with his mother but never really stayed too long to actually do things. With her visiting I realized that I am so lucky to have her as my mother-in-law. She has been a lot of help for Terry and I in adjusting to our new life as first time parents. She helped us around the house, take care of Maylee, and kept me and Maylee company when Terry went to work. I enjoyed her company a lot, and not dread it like most women do when they spend time with their mother-in-laws. You know how people talk about hating their in-laws, and how much they don't look forward to spending time with them. I am so happy to say that I am not one of those people, that I love my in-laws for they are loving, and caring.

This weekend we gave her a little tour of sunny California. We went up to Los Angeles and walk around Hollywood Boulevard, where the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you are not familiar with it, Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of stars embedded in the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The stars have people's names in the entertainment industry such as actors, producers, musicians, directors, etc. She took pictures of some of the stars that she recognized. Of course, we drove as close as we could to the famous Hollywood sign and took a picture of that. Getting a decent picture of the Hollywood sign is such a challenge. Oh my goodness! I swear we burned 10 gallons of gas just to get close to that sign. It seems like the closer you drive to it, the further it gets. That, or it disappears on you. Well, despite all the wasted gas, I am glad we got a picture of it for mom to take home with her.

We also took her to Coronado, CA and ate at the Ferry landing for lunch soon after we got out of church. During our time at Coronado Ferry Landing, there was an event Coronado Art Walk going on. There were booths upon booths along the entrance and the grounds of the ferry landing. In these booths artists featured their art work such as paintings, jewelries, ceramics, and other mediums.

After viewing the art works at the landing, we went to Clayton's Coffee Shop, where we had some milkshakes and ice cream. I ordered an Oreo milkshake, and must I say, that was the best Oreo milkshake I have ever had my entire life. So if you are craving some oreo milkshake, check out Clayton's Coffee Shop!

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