September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Maylee!

When I was still pregnant I have always thought that I would post our baby girl's birth story right away, but what was I thinking? Clearly I was delusional! hahaha! My husband Terry and I have been so busy, trying to adjust to our new life with the baby. Along with keeping up with doctor appointments we are also not getting any sleep because Maylee needs to be fed and her dirty diapers changed. Being that Maylee is our first baby and that it was my first time giving birth I thought it's a great idea that I blog about it. People forget things as time goes by, and this moment is not something I would want to forget. So, here is the story.

Our doctor appointments have shown that Maylee was in breech position in the womb. I was really opposed to the idea of epidural, let alone c-section, but with her laying in breech position made my options pretty much down to only one, so I really didn't have a choice. The doctors suggested c-section due to potential complications, and, therefore, scheduled me for a surgery appointment to deliver at 39 weeks and 1 day.

The thought of me going through a major surgery, when I had not had one my entire life except when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out, was really a scary thought. I read about the cesarean procedure, and other women's experiences, but the idea remained equally as frightening in my head. Though, what really helped me accept the fact that I am having c-section were the words of encouragement from my husband. He kept reminding me as the big day approached closer and closer to stay positive, and to think of the reason why I was doing the procedure. Knowing that I was doing the c-section to deliver our first child has made the procedure easier for me to accept. I just couldn't wait to meet Maylee. I knew in my head that in the end it really doesn't matter how our baby was delivered. What matters the most is that Maylee comes into the world safely.

The night before the surgery, I made sure I had the hospital bag prepared, the nursery pillow and an extra pillow for myself are sitting by the door, so we won't forget it on our way out. The car seat and base were already set up in the car, and properly checked by a qualified technician.

On August 29th, Terry and I woke up super early in the morning and arrived at the hospital before 6:30am. We checked in labor&delivery and as soon as I was admitted in, our two nurses introduced themselves, had me sign some papers, and put the IV in for some fluids. The nurse did really good putting my IV in. It was kind of painful but tolerable, and it's great that it took her only one attempt! Thank goodness because I wasn't looking forward to getting stabbed multiple times!

Time flew by so quickly. After the anesthesiologist briefed me about the spinal, Terry  got in his scrubs, and, soon afterwards, they wheeled me to the operating room. They have the husband wait outside while the anesthesiologist do the spinal so Terry stayed outside the operating room, and sat on "the red chair". The doctors had me sit on the operating table for this part. I was partly nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I was feeling terrified as I sit in the cold room, and  await the needle on my back. It actually wasn't that bad at all. I felt a sting when they poke me with the needle, and a few hot sensation, which I guess was when they were putting the medicine in. The anesthesiologist did so great. She walked me through everything they were about to do before they did it. It's such a relief for me, as a patient, to know that I was being informed about everything that's going on in the operating room. It was such a great experience. Thank goodness.

As soon as I laid down on the operating table the anesthesia started to work its way in my system. I started to lose feeling in my feet and my legs. It was so weird to try to move my lower half and not be able to move it. I was numb from chest to my toes, and especially feeling tingly all over my legs. It reminded me of the movie Kill Bill, when Kiddo, aka The Bride, climbed in the truck called Pussy Wagon, where she tries to will her leg to work. "Wiggle your big toe."

When I was feeling numb enough, the hospital crew put the tent up, then they started the procedure. I am glad they used anesthesia so that I didn't feel anything except for a lot of pressure. It would be horrible to feel all the cuts. The crew announced when they were about to cut the uterus. I knew that we were about to meet Maylee because the pressure became stronger and more forceful, then I felt them tuggin' and pullin'. I heard her make a cute sound, then she started crying. The sound of her first cry made me cry. I was so overfilled with joy and I couldn't wait to look at her beautiful face. As my tears rolled down my face, Terry brought her to the other side of the tent for me to see. She is truly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Terry then took her away to be weighed and measured and they headed to the recovery room to wait for me to get sewn back up. At this point I was already feeling so tired that I asked for permission to close my eyes and take a nap. The delivery seemed to have gone by so fast, but I swear it must have taken eternity for me to get sewn back up. All I could think about was me holding her on my chest and nursing her. I couldn't wait to touch and feel her soft baby skin. I couldn't wait to see her beautiful face again. It was hard to believe that she was just inside of me that morning, and now she is here. I know she's been here for nine months, but she's actually finally here!

Delivering via cesarean section was not really something I preferred to have done. To be quite honest, I didn't even want to have epidural with natural birth. The idea of doctors poking me on my back, applying some drugs on my spine, and cutting my belly and uterus wide open was not something pleasant to think about going through. I wanted to have Maylee as normal as possible. But when we found out that she is in breech position, all our plans had to change. Terry and I tried some procedures--External Cepallic Version and Moxibustion--to try and turn her, but they were both unsuccessful. I prayed and prayed to God that He allows her to turn, if its in His will, but if not then it's alright with me because I know that He knows what's best. Childbirth is but a part of life, and we cannot predict every detail of it. Sometimes what's ideal to us cannot happen so we had to do what needs to be done, whatever way it had to be done. I realized that c-section was the safest thing to do for Maylee and myself so I turned to God because I know He will not allow anything bad to happen to us.

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