August 25, 2013

DIY // Newborn Tutu

I have been thinking of ideas for our baby's newborn pictures. My husband wants some pictures where our baby is laying on his military uniform. Here's two examples:
(found this picture on Pinterest)
(found this picture on Pinterest)
My husband is in the military. I was in the military. Our baby is going to grow up with my husband being in the military. I think that getting some military newborn pictures with the baby is really appropriate because she is, after all, a military brat lol. I really like the theme. The colors are so vibrant. I thought that by having some military newborn pictures for our baby to see in the future, it will teach her to be proud of her daddy for serving our country.

Another theme that I really like is when the baby is wearing a headband and a tutu skirt. It looks so adorable! Here's an example:
(found this picture on Pinterest)
I bought a headband from our local Baby Exchange. I love the color and the fact that it has those rhinestones. I also liked it since it's a bow, and not those typical flowers a lot of people use. 

Once I found and purchased a headband I really liked, I headed over to Joann's Fabric and Craft Store, and bought some yellow and white tulle. I knew I had some white and yellow ribbons at home, so I did not buy extra ones. Check out the pictures I took while working through this project :)

I really like the final product. I added a yellow bow with white polka dots. It's so cute. This project is so easy to make, and I cannot wait for our little girl to wear it. Our newborn pictures are going to be so adorable! :)

P.S. If you own any of the pictures I got from Pinterest, and would like to be properly credited, please let me know. I apologize in advance as there was no website linked to the pictures when I found them.

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