January 21, 2014


Welcome to Weekend Highlights! I know Weekend Highlights is usually on Mondays but since this weekend was a long weekend, due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I decided to hold on and post about my weekend today.

First of, I would like to mention that Maylee and I walked around Lake Murray with my friend Emilie and her baby Annabelle. This is my first time walking around using the baby carrier we got like two weeks ago. I didn't really like it because it doesn't have paddings for my shoulder. It made my shoulder a bit sore because it didn't have a strap around the waist--all the weight is being supported by the shoulder. Basically, I don't think it is meant for long walks haha. I should probably get a different one.

Saturday was a stay-at-home day for my family. We just watched a marathon of Sandra Bullock movies including:
Sunday was a really busy day. We watched the Patriots vs. Broncos at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. Then we went to a friend's house for the 49ers vs. Seahawks game and played some beer pong there. It's been awhile since I last played beer pong but we(my husband and I were team mates) won the game. Not bad for being rusty!

We met our friends Jessica and Ben for dinner at Olive Garden. I had Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo and tried some new wine with it. We probably should've gotten that bottle of wine...What was I thinking??

On Monday, we had dinner at some friends' house and ate some homemade tacos. Delicious! Then we had some apple pie a la mode for dessert. Best way to end the long weekend, I say.

That's it for my weekend, friends. I can't wait to read about everyone else's weekends!

The Opulent Owl

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