December 18, 2013


Kenzie from Chasing Happy blogged about her holiday nails today and it got me thinking. It's almost Christmas. One more week! Woohoo! Can you guys believe it?

Are you ready for Christmas? Let's see:
• Christmas tree is up. Check.
• House is all decorated. Check.
• Christmas presents are all wrapped. Check.
• Holiday nails? Uh-oh.

Don't freak out. Lucky you, I'm posting about my Top 9 Holiday Nail Art. If you didn't get your nails done yet, I hope this post can give you some inspiration for when you are getting your holiday nail art this year. Check them out!

IMAGES SOURCES: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4567 | 8 | 9

This post was inspired by Kenzie, so go check out her cute snowflake nail art. CLICK HERE.

Are you rockin' some holiday nails right now? I'd like to see them! Send me a picture via email or put a link of the picture with your comment :)

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