December 16, 2013


So, I joined Kenzie on a holiday craft project called the Merry Mail Ornament Exchange on November 4th. The project involved a bunch of bloggers creating some Christmas ornaments for each other. Kenzie, Aukele, Lisa, and Amber hosted and divided us to groups of three or four. Once we got our groups, we got our craft on and made an ornament for each person in our group.

The exchange was so much fun! I got my craft on with some Christmas ornaments for my fellow bloggers. Even though I belonged in a group of three, it was like I had a group of four; I ended up making three ornaments. The reason being is because Megan and I took it upon ourselves to exchange ornaments as well--brilliant idea might I add. The more the better!

I'm not sure what kind of ornaments the other ladies received over the mail but these are what I got:

from Joni: a glittery letter J. I like to think this ornament stands for both our names since both our first names start with the letter J. I think it's good that I think of it this way because it reminds me of her whenever I look at it.

from Jennifer: a glass bulb ornament filled with colorful glitters. Simple yet so cute! Don't you just love glittery ornaments? They make the Christmas tree extra pretty! She also sent me a Washington fridge magnet to remember her. So sweet of her!

from Megan: a re-purposed Snowman spoon ornament. Never seen one of these before. Who would've thought of that! Not me. She's so creative! She also sent me a holiday card of her family with some really sweet words. Love it ♥ 

Oh, I guess I can tell you guys what I made for each ladies. I'm sure they will post pictures up on their own blog, but I want to show-off show you guys the pictures anyways!

I made each lady a unique felt ornament:
for Joni: A red and white felt ornament with some red, gold, and silver rickrack and some pearls. The pattern is made by me.

for Jennifer: A pink penguin with a green beanie and a bunch of beads to make it extra girly for her. She loves penguins. The pattern is made by me.

for Megan: A gingerbread house. This one took me the longest because it's the biggest one and had so many parts to it. The pattern is from Imagine Our Life.

I love each of these three ornaments so much that I wanted to keep them for myself! hahaha I hope Joni, Jennifer, and Megan love their ornaments as much as I do because I put some extra TLC(tender, love and care) while making them.

I enjoyed the Merry Mail Ornament Exchange a lot because it gave me the chance to meet these three lovely ladies, and got to know them in a personal level. I definitely loved making the ornaments for them.

Kenzie will be posting a link up of all the ornaments today so come join me and take a look at more ornaments at her blog, Chasing Happy.

Did you make something for the holidays? I would love to hear about it!

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