December 12, 2013


Everyone seems to be making this kind of post, so here's my version. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for a blogger, nerd, or chic kind-of-gal, then this is the list for you! It has various prices, cheaper ones you can actually afford, and pricey ones to buy for your most favorite gal in the whole wide world meaning me haha

1. charm bracelet: this bracelet is perfect to show off your holiday spirit!
2. zipper pouch: easily to clean, water resistant, and metallic. How amazing is this pouch?
3. sweater dress: rockin' that pattern. Look cute, and still feel all cozy wearing this dress.
4. penguin mug: super cute mug! Drink some hot coffee, hot chocolate, or hot tea to keep warm :)
5. reindeer earrings: love these earrings! I'm so diggin' gold right now!
6. eyeglasses: this or this(picture above). But I would get one of these if I win lotto: a | b| c | d
7. phone case: from this site Super cute! I've been sticking with my Ballistic case because I am super clumsy.
8. MacBook Pro: I added this to the list because my Windows laptop was pissing me off, and I'm thinking that I need a new one and switch to Apple.

I've been shopping for presents to give my family and friends, but I can't forget about myself! So if you're a family or a friend and you are reading this, this list will help you shop for a Christmas present for me! Oh, I'm kidding. Really, this is my wish list of things to buy myself. The MacBook Pro is pretty pricey, but I would definitely buy it if I win lotto--but I don't play. haha

What would you like to receive for Christmas? Do you have a wishlist?

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