November 13, 2013

The Thankful Project Day 13: An Ability

I'm linking up with Kenzie at Chasing Happy for The Thankful Project. It's Day 13 and today's prompt is "an ability."

I normally mention only one specific thing for each prompt, but I want to make an exception today. I am  so lucky for all my abilities, and I feel like talking about only one would be ungrateful of me. I want to take this time to give thanks to God for blessing me all the things I am capable of doing. Here is a list of some of the abilities I am grateful for:
    • Hear
    • Speak/Sing
    • See
    • Feel
    • Taste
    • Smell
    • Paint/Draw
    • Stand/Walk/Run
    •  Reproduce a baby
    • Take care of myself and others
    • Play the flute
    I am thankful for all these abilities. But I also want to focus on one specific ability, and that is, the ability to produce milk. Being a new mom(I say "new" because my daughter is only two and a half months old), I am grateful that my body is able to make milk. It feels amazing knowing that I can feed my daughter some milk that actually comes from my own body. Breastfeeding gives me the satisfaction knowing that I am providing everything she needs to grow healthy and strong. I get this weird but awesome feeling whenever I feed her. Our bond is getting stronger because I am breastfeeding her. I feel so much closer to Maylee knowing that I can provide for her hunger. I am grateful that I am able to breastfeed because she is learning to trust me by knowing that I am always there for her whenever she needs me. Also, breastfeeding helps me love my baby in such a way I never knew I could love. She looks up at me, and sometimes even smile, while nursing. That simple gesture instantly melts my heart every single time. Breastfeeding is so amazing, the feeling is so empowering!

    What ability, or abilities, are you grateful for?

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