June 19, 2013

Starting anew

I have made a plethora of  websites in the past. I enjoyed making new templates, designing my sites for every new holiday that came up, and spending countless hours on Photoshop to create something that reflected me at the moment. Although, it was fun at the time, I realized that I should just stick to only one. I tried retrieving my old website but I can't remember the password and since blogger.com is now being run by Google there is no way of getting it back. That's too bad.

Last year, a lot of things happened. I got married to the love of my life. I finally got out of the military. Then, I found out at the end of the year that I am pregnant. I wish I had a blog and actually took the time to blog all the emotions I had during these milestones in my life. I am creating this blog to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Here, I plan on posting my hopes and dreams. I am looking forward to posting photos of things I want to remember, things that I want, and reflecting on moments that take place.

So here is to starting anew!

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