August 11, 2013

Wedding Picture Project

After procrastinating and debating what to put our wedding pictures on, I finally decided on something. At first I was thinking of ordering some pictures and putting them in picture frames, then I thought of ordering some canvas prints, but I didn't want to spend so much money. You all know how expensive canvas gets! 

Thanks to Pinterest for giving me the idea of putting pictures on wood! We had some left over plywood at home that are 3/4 inch thick so I went to Home Depot and got them cut by 8 inch x 8 inch. 

 I sanded down each sides of the plywood then I spray painted the wood black. On the picture, the wood pieces look like I used dark red paint but it might just be the reflection on the cabinet I put them on. That and the black paint I used is the shiny kind.

After painting them, I applied mod podge to one of the side of the wood block. I also applied mod podge on the back of the pictures before sticking them together. Make sure that the pictures are not hanging over the side of the wood blocks because, in my experience, the sanding process made my 8" x 8" block a little smaller. So if this happens to you, just trim the pictures with a blade.

I bought a 14-pack wall hangers that you can screw on the wood. They look like these:

 I used two wall hangers for each wooden block, but one would probably suffice.

 As a finishing touch and for preservation, I applied 3 coats of mod podge on top of the pictures, letting each layer dry before applying the next one, of course. Two coats would have probably been enough. Here's my final product :)

You might have noticed that the top picture is about twice as big as the other six. I wanted to have a bigger picture of us so I made a bigger wood block that measures 12 inch x 18 inch and placed the picture in the same manner as I did the smaller ones.

This project has saved me a lot of money than if I had ordered each picture to be on canvas! It's super cheap and easy to do. I recommend this project :)

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